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No matter where you are WrongFuel.com can assist with your Misfuel needs at a Roadside, Fuel Station or at your Home and Workplace

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Wrong Fuel van
Wrong Fuel van

Who Are Wrong Fuel?

WrongFuel.com is a network of Fully Certified/Accredited local Fuel Drain Businesses across the UK.

Each local business covers an area with several vehicles in each County.

This means quicker ETA’s for our customers & contractors which in turn creates the biggest UK Roadside Fuel Drain Network.

Why Use Wrong Fuel?

WrongFuel.com is a group of Misfuel operators throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide a UK Network which helps support local businesses throughout the UK in each area.

When Using WrongFuel.com you will be supporting a local business in your area, where you require Roadside assistance.

Private Customers

When using WrongFuel.com our process is simple

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At WrongFuel.com, we deal with a large number of insurance and breakdown operators. We work with a range of local and national companies so that each area of the UK is covered.

We received jobs via a APEX RMS Network system and we also provide a portal for contractors to use to send jobs our way, saving your dispatching times.

Our quality customer service is why many insurance and breakdown contractors use us as a Tier 1 operator to attend to customers on their behalf.

Handle fuel nozzle
Handle fuel nozzle


All our operators to join the WrongFuel.com network adhere to a high standard (set by the Roadside Fuel Recovery standards) when they are carrying out their work at a forecourt.

Our certified technicians complete their work efficiently to remove the wrong fuel whilst ensuring the environment around them is kept safe.